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Brunello Cucinelli

This section is dedicated to honor a notable of fashion: Italian designer Brunello Cucinelli.



The Clifton collection A perfect balance - Luis Peyrelongue

The Clifton collection A perfect balance

It is nice to meet again in AMURA, where I am looking forward to start a pleasant tradition. This time, I would like to share with you the most innovative and unique within the world of art and mechanic creativity

Por Luis Peyrelongue


Royal London - Embajadora de la Gran Bretaña en México

Royal London

AMURA is proud to have in this issue the kind assistance of the British Ambassador in Mexico, Judith Macgregor. The diplomat generously granted us an interview at the British Embassy in Mexico City.

Por Embajadora de la Gran Bretaña en México


The Goring Hotel - Amura

The Goring Hotel

The Goring Hotel has been operated by four generations of one family. In 1910, he began O. R. Goring began operations and today, it is run by his grandson Jeremy.

Por Amura


Hôtel de Paris Monte Carlo - Amura

Hôtel de Paris Monte Carlo

When a hotel exceeds its guests’ highest expectations, their enthusiasm labels it as “The best in the world”. Several hotels deserve the title. One of them is the Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo. Its secret, to offer what others don’t.

Por Amura


Sydney - Amura



Por Amura


Ipanema - Amura



Por Amura


Stockholm - Amura



Por Amura


Berlin - Amura



Por Amura


Galapagos Islands - Daniela Becerra

Galapagos Islands

Visiting the Galapagos is like taking a leap in time, to a time where iguanas roam between our feet, with numerous turtles, sea lions, cormorants and blue-footed boobies.

Por Daniela Becerra


Sunseeker 73 - Amura

Sunseeker 73

Most of the recent talk and tweets about Sunseeker pertain to the launch of their largest build, a sweeping 155-footer, not the Sunseeker 73. No doubt the new flagship will be a gorgeous jewel in the crown of a company that first dipped its hulls into the world of yachts over 100’ about ten years ago.

Por Amura


Sanlorenzo SL118 Motor Yacht - Amura

Sanlorenzo SL118 Motor Yacht

One of three new Sanlorenzo models, unveiled during the annual meeting at Yacht Club de Monaco in Monaco last September, was the splendid SL118 superyacht. Motor yacht SL118 belongs to the planing hull motoryacht range – a strong point of this prestigious Italian builder for more than three decades.

Por Amura


Benetti classic supre ME 132 - Petrus II - Amura

Benetti classic supre ME 132 - Petrus II

This 132 feet in length (40.2 m) vessel with a beam of 27 feet (8.3 m), is the longest ship in its class. This is the latest of Benetti’s creations, introduced at the 2013 Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show. It is the first ship of the “Classic Supreme” series introduced by  the Italian brand. 

Por Amura


Ferretti in Miami - Amura

Ferretti in Miami

During tthe 2013 Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show, Ferretti showed off 25 new yacht models, and it also took advantage of the event to start the celebrations of the 170th anniversary of its brand Riva.

Por Amura


Visiting the Atlantic - Alberto Friscione Carrascosa

Visiting the Atlantic

 In the previous issue of AMURA 94, we enjoyed the story told by professional diver Alberto Friscione and his experience among sharks. Here, he tells us another unforgettable encounter, this time with Atlantic spotted dolphins.

Por Alberto Friscione Carrascosa


The Triangle  British excellence - Amura

The Triangle British excellence

With elegance and sophistication, British cars combine speed, technology, performance and today’s dynamism. Some English brands are iconic to the world: Aston Martin, the each and every James Bonds’ car; Rolls Royce, a true piece of art; and Bentley, impeccable fusion of classic and avant-gard trends.

Por Amura


Café Royal Hotel - Amura

Café Royal Hotel

When you step into The Grill Room Champagne and Cocktail Lounge, you are dazzled by its infinite array of mirrors, chandeliers, lamps and golden columns. It has a newly restored Louis XVI style that emulates the 1865 original. This is a perfect place to enjoy a glass of champagne, some mixed drinks and a light menu.

Por Amura


Varq Restaurant - Amura

Varq Restaurant

The Varq is a harmonious fusion of the sophisticated modern and the ancestral. This restaurant, located in the lobby of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in New Delhi, is a real show, accentuated by the breathtaking view of its meticulously cared aesthetic gardens.

Por Amura


Penfolds Grange - Amura

Penfolds Grange

Australia is the 4th largest exporter of wine in the world. Its international sales reach 105 million gallons per year, almost 400 million liters. This volume is doubled when domestic consumption is added to a total production that exceeds 200 million gallons.

Por Amura


David Hockney - Alfonso López Collada

David Hockney

The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao recently introduced for the first time in Spain, David Hockney works, one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century.

Por Alfonso López Collada


Holy week in Toledo - Alfonso López Collada

Holy week in Toledo

Toledo follows the tradition of the Holy Week with such brilliance that its celebration is already a National Tourist Interest. Its devotion is expressed with art of great penitential severity and the solemn processions give the opportunity to visit the many convents there are in Toledo...

Por Alfonso López Collada


Elizabeth I of England - Alfonso López Collada

Elizabeth I of England

Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland was the fifth and last monarch of the Tudor Dynasty. She was nicknamed “Gloriana” and “The Virgin Queen” because she never contracted marriage. Despite the many adversities and schemes transcended in her time, she always emerged victorious thanks to her strength, strong will and intelligence. Under her admirable mandate England reached the “golden age”, and Elizabeth I, historical immortality.

Por Alfonso López Collada


Tips & Tops London - Amura

Tips & Tops London


• It is advisable to purchase the London Pass card to visit the city places of interest and take tours on the Thames. It allows you to avoid making line at each location. It is s valid for the date of purchase, if it is bought on a day at 8 pm; the pass expires in 4 hours.

Por Amura


The best tennis in Latin America at the Telcel Mexican Open - Telcel

The best tennis in Latin America at the Telcel Mexican Open

Telcel, the company committed to sports development in the country and sponsor of the Telcel Mexican Open, “Abierto Mexicano Telcel”, congratulates Rafael Nadal and Sara Errani, the two-time winners of this twentieth edition of the tournament, and to all athletes who through these years have been part of this important event. .

Por Telcel