Spring In the end it always arrives   - AMURA

Spring In the end it always arrives

Once more, Spring-Summer is upon us, and life is seen in black and white. Black and white are two polar opposites, yet attract each other. 



Hublot King Power Juventus - Luis Peyrelongue

Hublot King Power Juventus

We are talking about a King Power of carbon fiber that have been chosen by the club managers. A limited series of 200 numbered watches, potent, with a case of 48 mm of diameter, but ultra light and super resitent  to damage thanks to its components fabricated entierly inside Hublot. This watch is equipped with a chronograph movement  HUB4245, with the pecularity of presenting a two needle chronograph in the center.

Por Luis Peyrelongue


New York - Amura

New York

It’s complicated to imagine the beginning of a thing that is already established, that has been created and rises, proudly, imminently, and intimidating. A city that, by itself, defines “cosmopolitan,” that overwhelms the senses with its movements. Its story remains tangible to this day.

Por Amura


The Hamptons - Ryan Horn from the Tourist board of the Hamptons

The Hamptons

For most Mexicans, “the Hamptons” are a place that many have not even heard of, and even fewer have had the opportunity to visit. Even for those in the United States, most of what they know comes from TV, movies, and the latest celebrity gossip magazine. However, spending a week of vacation in this special community is the best way to find out more for yourself.

Por Ryan Horn from the Tourist board of the Hamptons


The Empire Hotel  - Amura

The Empire Hotel

With an excellent location, this Manhattan hotel is just from a two minutes walk of Central Park and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. It is an ideal place for walking in the most popular parts of Manhattan.

Por Amura


NoMad Hotel - Amura

NoMad Hotel

The presentation could not be better: awaking in the heart of Manhattan, 168 rooms and several suites, decorated by interior designer Jacques Garcia, and to dine: the NoMad also offers multiple spaces, including the roof, with menus prepared by one of the best chefs of the Big Apple.

Por Amura


Daniel Humm: The chef of the Big Apple   - Daniel Humm

Daniel Humm: The chef of the Big Apple 

The history of New York’s cuisine and food culture is endlessly fascinating to me. It inspires me to think beyond the walls of Eleven Madison Park to the culinary traditions of the City itself and the ingredients grown here. This source of inspiration has infused me, our restaurant, and our menu with a distinct and definitive sense of place.

Por Daniel Humm


A gourmet blast in The Big Apple - María A. Bassaure

A gourmet blast in The Big Apple

Wherever a cosmopolitan city may ley, haute cuisine conosiours will gather.

Por María A. Bassaure


American  Museum of Natural History  - Leslie J. López / Miguel Peráza

American Museum of Natural History

 It is composed by 27 interconnected buildings that house 46 permanent exhibition halls, research laboratories and its famous library.

Por Leslie J. López / Miguel Peráza


New York market places, including arts - Miguel Peráza

New York market places, including arts

The city of New York (formerly New Amsterdam) is, since its foundation and inclusion to the British Empire in 1664, the most intricate financial and economic hub, which also serves as the investment capital of the world, with a stock market that provides economic indicators to measure and invest on other financial markets, including the art market, given that it is a place where one can acquire stock shares linked directly to works of art

Por Miguel Peráza


122´ Mythos Thriving towards the future  - Ferretti Yachts

122´ Mythos Thriving towards the future

The 122’ Mythos is the first yacht by Riva completely built in light aluminum alloy, as well as the largest yacht in the world ever produced by the historical Italian brand.

Por Ferretti Yachts


Marquis 720 Tri Deck - Marquis Yachts

Marquis 720 Tri Deck

This Marquis 720 is an expansive and substantial vessel. It offers opulent living accommodations on three separate decks providing the owners and their guests with a widely variable selection of living and entertaining environments.

Por Marquis Yachts


La  Limousine  - The Publiclassic Company

La Limousine

The origin of this vehicle dates back to the exclusive horse-drawn carriages that were used during the second half of the nineteenth century in which wealthy society families arrived to the nobility balls, lounges or restaurants.

Por The Publiclassic Company


John D.  Rockefeller  - Emanuel Alday

John D. Rockefeller

John Davison Rockfeller (1839-1937), is a synonym for history of the United States of North America, a man who was born in average economic conditions, became himself in one of the most powerful business man in the world, a combination between talent, initiative and intuition, they took him to be a public figure, therefore indelibly marked for good and evil of the Planetary Society.

Por Emanuel Alday


“B” de  Big Band   - Erick Zamora

“B” de Big Band

It is true that Argentina has Tango, Brazil Samba and Bossa Nova and Spain owns Flamenco; but Big Band is one hundred percent Newyorker. Much more than music transmitting feelings or making us remember the atmosphere it gives a country, its people and a time period, this movement doesn’t understand borders.

Por Erick Zamora


New York and Cinema - Juan y Daniel Lecanda

New York and Cinema

It is impossible to not think of New York when speaking of cinema, impossible not to think of that scene in The Godfather where Vito Corleone is shot, to imagine Travis Bickle’s cab going around the Big Apple, or the neurotic Alvy Singer flirting all over the city with Annie Hall.

Por Juan y Daniel Lecanda


Adirondacks - The WCS North America Organization


At six million acres, New York’s Adirondack State Park is the largest protected landscape east of the Mississippi, larger than Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, and Everglades National Parks combined.

Por The WCS North America Organization


Bruges, Belgium  - Amura

Bruges, Belgium

 Bruges, Belgium

Por Amura


Sumatra, Indonesia - Amura

Sumatra, Indonesia

Sumatra, Indonesia

Por Amura


Moorea, French Polynese  - Amura

Moorea, French Polynese

Moorea, French Polynese

Por Amura


Zion Norrows, Utah - Amura

Zion Norrows, Utah

Zion Norrows, Utah

Por Amura


Wreck diving - Brooke Morton

Wreck diving

Very little is typical in the Empire State. Times Square’s Naked Cowboy earns his keep playing guitar in his skivvies.

Por Brooke Morton


Riviera Nayarit Riviera Nayarit, the treasure of the Mexican Pacific - Amura

Riviera Nayarit Riviera Nayarit, the treasure of the Mexican Pacific

Universally acknowledged as the “Treasure of the Mexican Pacific,” the Riviera Nayarit is today one of the foremost tourism destinations for those seeking luxury and nature. This regions is meant to be an Eden that promises to seduce local and international travelers alike.

Por Amura


New era for the Mexican Open - Amura

New era for the Mexican Open

Acapulco was once again the stage for the 21st edition of the Mexican Open, where the crown went to the Slovak Dominika Cibulkova, a favorite for the title in the females single category, and the Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov, fourth favorite for the title.

Por Amura


Tips & Tops New York - Amura

Tips & Tops New York

Tips & Tops New York

Por Amura