Style has no frontiers - AMURA

Style has no frontiers

The style of spring 2014 finds form in a concept of fresh and classic tailoring for younger crowds, meaning,those who like to dress in perfectly cut suits, and that project a renewed image, respecting the classic rules. 



Tiffany & Co.  - Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co.

New York, NY, on April 24, 2014 Tiffany & C. introduces the new designs in the Atlas ® collection with the amazing beauty that made this famous design a fashion icon. The latest creations showed the Roman numerals, seal of the collection, in symbolic designs of strength and freedom. These creations exude style in its own essence, each piece is sufficiently strong to be used on its own, but at the same time are elegant and simple to merge among themselves, so that each person can tell their own story.

Por Tiffany & Co.


The fabulous world of Faberge  - Faberge international

The fabulous world of Faberge

Fabergé’s history is intimately linked to life, love and tragedy of the last Romanov Tsar, Nicholas II and his wife, the Tsarina Alexandra, as well as the Russian revolution that changed the course of the world’s history. Of Huguenot origin (Calvinist), with a feverish imagination, talent and entrepreneurial instinct, Peter Carl Faberge became the jeweler and goldsmith of the great Russian imperial court, creating exquisite jewelry and objects, including the legendary series of lavish and ingenious imperial Easter eggs.

Por Faberge international


Dual time manufactura - Ulysse Nardin

Dual time manufactura

Born from its iconic line, the Dual Time Manufacturing allows the adjustment of a second time zone and date-backward or forward. Just as the Marina collection, this Dual Time line is equipped with a movement that has been entirely developed and produced within Ulysse Nardin.

Por Ulysse Nardin


Russia - Erick Zamora


An imposing territory and impressive personalities make of Russia one of the most interesting countries on the globe. Outstanding individuals in distinct areas, and a splendid history that stretches to its founding forge this nation as a great power, social and culturally speaking.

Por Erick Zamora


What the Baltic Pearl holds  - María A. Bassaure

What the Baltic Pearl holds

We meet again in faraway places that grunt us the opportunity to get lost. Russia holds inside it some of the most exquisite places in the world to keep us entertained and mesmerized, but mostly, captive. From the classic beauties of art to bold designs, this white paradise surrounds  us with images of luxury. Join us as we discover the best places to stay in the Pearl of the Baltic.

Por María A. Bassaure


Kusmi Tea - La Europea

Kusmi Tea

Kusmi Tea opens its doors to receive the most select group of tea lovers, owning a wide range of the most private repertoire of flavors and aromatic textures for the strictest pallets. Its blends leave a statement as imposing as its story, which transports us to the Saint Petersburg of 1867, where a small children of a peasant family tried his luck in the big city, landing his first job as a delivery boy.The owner soon realized the capacities of young Pavel Michailovitch Kousmichoff, and without thinking it twice initiated him in the artistry of blending this millenary beverage. By 1901 Pavel was the owner of 11 tea houses, converting his three small companies into one of the three largest enterprises in Russia.

Por La Europea


Caviar Malossol - Miguel Montiel

Caviar Malossol

Speaking of caviar is to refer to the history of man, customs and ancient tastes that of not be entirely undestood not you could taste properly this and other products o high caliber

Por Miguel Montiel


The Flavors in Russia - María A. Bassaure

The Flavors in Russia

Russia goes far beyond its enigmatic past and historic fingerprints to come out reinvented. We arrive to this northernmost megacity to discover that far from depicting the Kremlin or the Novodevichy Convent, Moscow beholds gems in the gourmet stratosphere which dispose to leave an impression with their distinct pallets, textures, colors and smells.

Por María A. Bassaure


Vodka - Amura


It  was the year 1386, the year in which the wine alcohol was introduced by Genoese traders in Moscow, but was considered a “harmful pottage” for which the Russian government banned their import into the country, the discovery that alcohol could be extracted from wheat and rye, it wasn’t until later when this negative idea disappeared and began producing the first vodka that was called “bread wine”. Since the production of vodka was very cheap, the government of “Ivan IV the Terrible” proclaimed its manufacturing, starting from this moment the history of  vodka begins.

Por Amura


Enigmatic Russia: Notes on art, aesthetics and culture - Jesús Peraza Menéndez

Enigmatic Russia: Notes on art, aesthetics and culture

Linguists and archaeologists agree that the period of the V to X centuries is the expansion of the Slavs and the existence of the protoslavic language. Linguistic reminiscences stored roots of provided voices of the German (Gothic) and the Iranian (Sarmatian). The sarmatae  (or Scythians). Slavic derives from the protoslavic, has meanings like  “God”, “Holy” and “paradise”. Human groups were established in small towns and cities built of wood and in temporary tents, scattered over the territory of the peninsula in which Ukraine and Poland are established, near the coast of the Atlantic Ocean between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea and the mouths of the five rivers, rich in black caviar  which attracted the ancient Greeks

Por Jesús Peraza Menéndez


Durban, Southafrica - Erick Zamora

Durban, Southafrica

Durban, Southafrica

Por Erick Zamora


Plovdiv, Bulgaria - Erick Zamora

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Por Erick Zamora


Mustang, Nepal - Erick Zamora

Mustang, Nepal

Mustang, Nepal

Por Erick Zamora


Cologne, Uruguay - Erick Zamora

Cologne, Uruguay

Cologne, Uruguay

Por Erick Zamora


Nirvana - Oceanco


The spectacular new 88.5m (290.35ft) Nirvana, built under the code name Y707, is the largest yacht of its generation delivered by Oceanco to date. Nirvana is a stellar achievement by her Owner, Oceanco and Sam Sorgiovanni who was responsible for the exterior styling and interior design.

Por Oceanco


Ferretti 750 - Ferretti Yachts

Ferretti 750

Ferretti is presenting a world: the new Ferretti Yachts 750, a model that represents another important step forward for Ferretti’s flybridge line over 70 feet in length.

Por Ferretti Yachts


Comfort and speed, a magnificent combination  - Alonso Bejarano

Comfort and speed, a magnificent combination

Sport cars that make elegance, comfort and speed convey with  evidence of their great engineering.

Por Alonso Bejarano


Fedor Dostoievski - F.M. Dostoievski The Literary Memorial Museum of St. Petesburg

Fedor Dostoievski

The name Dostoevsky has ties to St. Petersburg. It is the city where he lived most of his life and developed as a writer. St. Petersburg became a character in his novels: no other city on the face of the earth has acquired such an appearance as this city, with the Dostoevskian portrayal of “intentional” and “crazy”. Here Dostoevsky’s novels were created: Poor people, Insulted and Injured, Crime and Punishment, The Idiot and The teenager, scenarios in which the city itself became the true hero of his writings.

Por F.M. Dostoievski The Literary Memorial Museum of St. Petesburg


Five Powerful Russians  - Ricardo Rondón

Five Powerful Russians

The negative reaction to the music of Richard Wagner was reflected in several ways,including the Impressionism of Debussy and the Expresionism of Arnold Schoenberg. It also was welcomed in the National movement that appeared in Russia amongst the group of musicians called The Mighty Handfull. Inspired by the examples of Glinka, and  Dargomizhsky; composers Balakirev,Borodin, Moussorgsky, Cui and Rimsky-Korsakov,  did not accept that their music was a reflexión of other countries,specially Germany. In their misión to communicate individuality they arrived to a style that had deep roots in the Russian language and true folklore. They created  a type of music that cannot be mistaken for any other country. In next generations the influence of the Mighty Five is felt in the superior Works of Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky, Serge Rachmaninoff and also Dmitri Shostakovich.

Por Ricardo Rondón


“Pozvolyayet  rulon!” - Juan y Daniel Lecanda

“Pozvolyayet rulon!”

Without a doubt, film is a reflection of the culture of any given country, and Russia is no exception, for we are talking about a country with one of the largest ups-and-downs as far as politics and society are concerned.

Por Juan y Daniel Lecanda


Amur Tiger - John Goodrich, Dale  Miquelle, Linda Kerley and Evgeny Smirnov

Amur Tiger

It was the 15th of December, 1998, and we were walking through the moonlit forest, the snow cracking under our feet, then, a growl was heard, like a faraway thunder. But, the soft ‘pop’ of a tranquilizer dart was heard and hit its target. Ten minutes later, the tigress Amur (which we called Nadia) was sleeping placidly.

Por John Goodrich, Dale Miquelle, Linda Kerley and Evgeny Smirnov


The White Whale  - Russian Academy of Science through the Whale Program

The White Whale

Available information dates back to the mid-20th century and it mainly sheds light on commercial whaling. Russian scientists get fragmentary information from the studies of their foreign colleagues, mainly from Norway, the United States and Canada.

Por Russian Academy of Science through the Whale Program


Las Nubes de Holbox - Amura

Las Nubes de Holbox

The clouds of Holbox Hotel, the perfect place, located on the island of Holbox (Yucatan peninsula), its own nature becomes an unique vacation destination. Rooms with unique views of the turquoise blue of the Mexican Caribbean, provide the ideal space for a pleasant relaxation and rest

Por Amura


Tips & Tops Russia - Amura

Tips & Tops Russia

Tips & Tops Russia

Por Amura