Seduction tactics - Martha Jauffred

Seduction tactics

Celebrating love as a couple at least once a year is to give yourself time to recover romance and discover that there are perfect moments every day and only routine makes us miss them.

Por Martha Jauffred


Oyster Perpetual yacht master II - Rafael Luna Grajeda

Oyster Perpetual yacht master II

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II regatta chronograph is an invitation to dream. Audacious and elegant, this watch opens new horizons in the art of timepieces.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


Shangai - Kundalini Muñoz


Situated at a strategic natural point, Shanghai is one of the most emblematic cities in China. With 14 million inhabitants, it is the most populated city in the country and is the country's economic financial and industrial center. The city has a unique combination of history.  

Por Kundalini Muñoz


Beijing, China - Amura

Beijing, China

A paradise of historical antiques and magnificent classic style building that represents the height of Chinese architecture. Beijing is a world of mysteries of a fascinating culture that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Por Amura


Colorado, Estados Unidos - Amura

Colorado, Estados Unidos

Covered in a white blanket, Colorado is known throughout the world for having the highest peaks in the Rocky Mountains. A perfect des- tination for skiing in a fascinating backdrop of incomparable scenery and excellent runs, it is unique 

Por Amura


Isla verde, Puerto Rico - Amura

Isla verde, Puerto Rico

A wonder in the sea, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea is a true tourist gem. Its impressive beaches and warm clime wait to invite visitors to relax in a naturally-seductive atmosphere.

Por Amura


Aspen, Estados Unidos - Amura

Aspen, Estados Unidos

The perfect climate cloaks the impressive landscapes of Aspen. Its mountains and fine natural locations are ideal for extreme sports, which are exquisite thanks to the area’s characteristic climate. 

Por Amura


Condado plaza hotel & casino A Resort in a Resort - Amura

Condado plaza hotel & casino A Resort in a Resort

With a “chic” refurbishment and an incred- ible sea view, the Condado Plaza Hotel & Casino is one of the most luxurious hotels in Puerto Rico, located in the country’s capital and only five minutes from San Juan's Historic Center. Close to the main tourist places, a fabulous beach and its new design make it a true urban resort with all the amenities necessary to guar- antee an excellent stay, whether for business or pleasure.

Por Amura


Ferretti 780 Aesthethics in movement - Viridiana Barahona G.

Ferretti 780 Aesthethics in movement

Absolute magnificence is what sets the renowned Ferretti yacht builders apart, which, with its Ferretti 780 model, confirms the high standard of quality, functionality and aesthetics that can be seen throughout its fleet. Making an elegant contrast with its tones, both above and below decks, the 780 shows that it is possible to find the balance between each essential element from bow to stern to achieve the perfect sailing experience.

Por Viridiana Barahona G.


Sd92 San lorenzo Inspiration from the 1940s - Rafael Luna Grajeda

Sd92 San lorenzo Inspiration from the 1940s

With its exterior lines inspired by the Italian and German yachts of the 1940s, this yacht preserves the classic style maintained throughout time and singularizes at the production of San Lorenzo. This beautiful vessel is ready to ensure an impressive and constant maximum speed of 18 knots.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


M/Y midnight sun II Maximum Comfort - Rafael Luna Grajeda

M/Y midnight sun II Maximum Comfort

ISA 120 developed this project aimed at meeting the requirements of yacht owners who love sporting elegance and enjoy large exterior spaces on open yachts, together with the usual interior comforts of a cruiser.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


Heading tp the olympics - Manuel Villareal

Heading tp the olympics

I started when I was 7 years old in Valle de Bravo in a Optimist boat later a changed to laser radial then I started in the Europa category I only could use this type of boat one year before Sydney it was not very prepared but it was a great experience then it came the preparation for Athens in that same category the only complication there was that I was still in school so it was complicated to combine both things. Now I'm classified for the Olympics and I'm training in Santander that has very similar conditions in the water than china because most of the time is light winds, strong corrents. After this training we go to Australia the European circuit ant the world championships with the Olympics in sight that are very close now.

Por Manuel Villareal


The arches - Eduardo Lugo

The arches

The Mexican coastline conceals many places of impressive beauty, some of which are difficult to reach while others can be easily visited. One of these easier places to visit is the Parque National Marino Los Arcos, just 12 kilometers from Puerto Vallarta marina.

Por Eduardo Lugo


Cirrus Jet - Laura Velázquez

Cirrus Jet

Cirrus Design Corporation closed the year 2007 with one of its most spectacular launchings: The Jet, the most expected plane in the company’s history. And to seal the petition, each one of its future clients made a deposit of 100 thousand dollars for that will be the first “personal jet" in this new market.

Por Laura Velázquez



Strip House at the Condado Plaza - Rafael Luna Grajeda

Strip House at the Condado Plaza

Strip House, the famous Manhattan steak restaurant, has opened its doors at the Hotel Condado Plaza of the Luxury Resorts & Hotels chain, in the most exclusive area of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


Whisky the art of blending - Rafael Luna Grajeda

Whisky the art of blending

Whisky distilled in Scotland, known as Scotch Whisky, is inimitable because only Scotland has the water from the thaws that originate from the colored granite rock formations.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


Louise Bourgeois from abjection to melancholy - Anarela Vargas

Louise Bourgeois from abjection to melancholy

There are currently two exhibitions of one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century, Louise Bourgeois, one in Boston and the other in various European and US cities.

Por Anarela Vargas


Tips & Tops Shangai - Amura

Tips & Tops Shangai

To enter China, visitors will first need to contact the Chinese consular office in their country to obtain approval because a Chinese visa is required. At customs, you will have to show a valid passport and visa at the frontier and once in Chinese territory, visitors are checked and have to declare their belongings and request their clear- ance. 

Por Amura