• In Norway the changes in weather are sudden; however, the one that prevails is that of the glacial areas. During winter, it is wise to wear clothes that protect you well from the cold; during fall and spring, a raincoat is a must, and in summertime light clothes are best, though at nights it can be chilly.
  • The amount of money you are allowed to spend in Norway adds up to 25,000 Crowns (around $4,000 USD). There is no limit for the traveler checks.
  • Travel by car is advisable; however, you need to be well informed regarding the weather, for there are roads and highways that are closed during winter.
  • Skiing is one of the main activities in winter. Authorities suggest not getting off the skiing trails and established routes, for avalanches are an imminent danger.
  • The experiences that are lived during the expeditions to glaciers are normally described as incredible; it is necessary, though, to have all the equipment required for trekking on ice, and be accompanied by a guide.
  • To enjoy the outdoor activities it is necessary to always consult the weather conditions for the day; by doing so you can program proper activities in agreement with the weather, without risking ruining the day.





  • One of the best activities that allow you to enjoy the magnificent view is strolling through the fjords and the mountains of the National Parks. In average, the routes present no technical difficulties and the strolls last between three and four hours.
  • The White Mountain called Anorthosit guards the Magical White Caves where you can enjoy traditions, mysticism and a great natural show.
  • The fjords are distinguished by their fertile lands, being this the main reason to visit them during May, when you can enjoy beautiful and colorful views; in this month the trees are blooming. Travelers also like visiting the various plantations where they can enjoy the cherry, apple, pear and prune trees in blooming.
  • Until recent, the lighthouses guided the ships safely to shore; they were manually operated, being this the reason for living in them. However, since the decade of the 90’s, when all were automated, they turned into one more attraction for the tourist, due to their singular beauty. Today, lots of them function as boutique hotels.
  • Each year, on December 10th, Oslo’s City Council delivers the Peace Nobel Prize, which brings together a large number of dignitaries and personalities, as well as visitors that tour the Nobel Center for the Peace where an exhibition of the winners of such prize throughout history is shown. 


Text: AMURA ± Photo: Asgeir Helgestad/Artic Light AS/visitnorway, Norwegian Visual Artists © Society