The Hotel at Esperanza de Los Cabos is a resort that includes 57 rooms. 60 private villas, full service, an own signature res- taurant plus a Spa. with several international and national awards.

Esperanza Resort, which is known for resem- bling an outdoor Mexican village with sober Mediterranean shades and Baja breezes, includes this Spa built under a palm shelter structure.

Located in Los Cabos. the Mexican luxury and elite paradise, at the Spa Esperanza entrance you are greeted by a scent of Chinese roses and bou- gainvilleas. that float in the carved stone bowls.


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The elements of water, light and desert are incorporated with waterfalls, caves, pools and gar- dens bringing a unigue.

It includes 7 treatment rooms, a private garden with an exterior shower and a covered pool with a canopy latilla.


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New addition: Thai Massage

The Esperanza Spa offers treatments and a really unigue atmosphere like its most recent presentation this season: Thai Massage conside- red a religious ritual and just recently was practi- ced only by monks in sacred Thailand temples.

It lasts 90 minutes and consists of applying pressure over the Sen Channels to unblock the accumulated energy. When the internal system of the body achieved an energetic balance, the body feels happy, relaxed, with a better energy level and without tense muscles, for this reason it is recommended to eat light before the treatment and wear comfy and loose clothes (pants, t-shirt and knee length shorts).

The massage has to be done with the assistance of a specially gualified instructor for this treatment and Esperanza Resort has Elias Frutis. who enrolled in the training program at the prestigious International Training Massage School, in Chang Mai. Thailand, one of the only two schools that teach this ancient healing art

A massage prepared for those people who seek an adaptation complement in their lives, who seek to find physical, mental and spiritual balance with the pleasure of practicing yoga. 


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Text: Fabiola Galván Campos ± Photo: Cortesía Esperanza Resort