■ The ticket for the Vaporeto the aquatic bus is necessary, because is the only way to cross over the Great Channel. There are several kinds of tic- kets according to the tourist needs.

■ It's advisable to buy a pass in order to visit the Civic Museums, which include 10 of the best museums in Venice and the Lagoon’s Islands. There are several possibilities offered: the comple- te pass that includes the 10 visits or the single tic- ket that allows you to enter those situated in Saint Marcos Square.

■ Also it’s recommended to walk around in the narrow streets of Venice as well as hidden channels or alleys and plazas. In each corner you will find something new to discover, because is one of those unforgettable cities that leave a good aftertaste.

■ Respect the Venetian people characters, most of them are very nice people to talk to, since they share good information about the city, as well as their time schedules attention in the cultural spots.

■ Finally, about hotels, there is an option for ever- yone; in fact there are affordable hotels down town as well as luxurious and comfortable ones.


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■ Saint Marcos Basilica (free entrance) is a visit you can't miss, and within the museums and the Pala D'Oro (for these you have to pay). It’s best to make entrance reser- vations on the internet. It is better to go after one o'clock in the afternoon to The Ducal Palace, since most of the tourists are having lunch at this time.

■    Other places of interest are the Venice Palaces that are found in the narrow streets of the city, as well as museums and galleries that have an impeccable conser- vation. The Basilica and Saint Marcos Square were named by Napoleon as “The most beautiful rooms in Europe”.

■ The famous "Carnival of Venice” lasts for 10 days during the month of February (the dates vary according the year), for it is very interesting to witness such a para- de during this time of year.

■ If you have plenty of time, don't forget to visit during the sunset Saint Margarita’s Field, and sit in a terrace to enjoy of a Campari in one of the most visited areas by young Venetians.

■    If your pocket allows it, you can spend sometime after dinner, in the Florian Cafe terrace (Saint Marcos Square), the oldest coffee place in Europe, and enjoy your bevera- ge while listening to a live orchestra. 


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Text: Amura ± Photo: Cortesía Orient-Express