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With coast in these two countries, the Dead Sea is located 416 m below the sea level; it has 75 km long and 6 to 16 km wide. Its strong salt concentration (33 %) does not allow animal or vegetable life, and people floats without the possibility of sinking. Its situated 400 meters under the sea level and with a water ten times saltier than any ocean, the Dead Sea occupies the lower point of the terrestrial surface and is the most salted one of all the natural lakes. Not only its water are exceptional, but also all the atmosphere over it: by being denser than sea level, filters better the ultraviolet harmful radiation and contains more oxygen of the habitual thing; besides, the air there is richer in bromides, of soothing effect more than in any another place of the Earth.



Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Monney