Classy Elegance in the heart of Montreal

Le Germain, considered one the city's finest hotels, is located in the executive area of Montreal, a district where the shops and restaurants vie in elegance and where business men walk swiftly to arrive at their appointments. Its fresh concept makes it conservative, modem and attractive.

An elegant building located at the foot of Mont Royal, its interior decor invents a minimalist style of refined essence, combining different woods to ornament a welcoming ambiance. The rooms are surprising and they become exquisite places that seem to have been designed with each individual guest in mind. The colors, adjusting to all tastes, are elegant and create a luscious atmosphere.


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Its charm also has to do with the excellence of its service. Even though it is a modem hotel it has known how to maintain an atmosphere of the thirties, when life was lived to a different rhythm and guests knew how to enjoy their surroundings. Le Germain is a hotel with a concept inspired in the elegance of another era, one that is naturally attractive and totally admirable



2050, rue Mansfield,

Montréal H3A 1Y9

T (514) 849 20 50

F (514) 849 14 37



Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Monney your social media marketing partner