A la carte

Spas have become increasingly popular in Puerto Vallarta over the past ten years. You might think that the majority of the clients would be female, however, to our surprise, massages and facial treatments are equally popular among men and women and, now, even children. Although they are a luxury, they help us eliminate or diminish stress, so it is certainly a good idea to find the way to set aside an hour or two for ourselves.

Types of spas vary, from the ones located in hotels or independent clinics to those that are heaven on earth. However, no matter what kind they are, each focuses on the five senses. Most feature a tranquil environment, with classical, Celtic, Asian or New Age music setting the tone, helping us to forget the outside world and navigate in another mental or physical state. Some places even utilize fresh flowers and aromatic oils to pervade the treatment areas with energy.



Spas located in an outdoor setting take advantage of the sounds of the leaves of the trees, the murmur of the sea, the songs of birds or the almost imperceptible whisper of the wind. The music of nature serves to help us on our search for tranquility and recover the energy and balance we so desire. The space, naturally, has been carefully designed to help you forget everything and find your internal and external harmony. Many hotels and spas throughout the city have set up massage tables outdoors, because the natural energy that flows from the jungle and the bay surrounding around Puerto Vallarta truly cannot be bottled.

Once you have selected the ideal spot, you are offered a full menu of treatments, almost like a restaurant. Although most spas feature therapeutic treatments for the entire body, aromatherapy and the hot stone treatments are favored for relaxing.

Want something else? What about an algae or Maya mud body wrap to revitalize skin dried out by the sun, or an exfoliation for a silky texture? Perhaps a rejuvenating facial or a deep cleansing will give you a new look that will be ideal for your vacation photos or for looking fresh when you return to work.  


Text: Araceli Cano ± Photo: A&S Photo/Graphics