• During summer Punta del Este has a magical splendor and portrays its identity. Night clubs have an intense movement and international events happen one after another.  
  • A high security level, comfort and nice weather are only a few reasons as to why Punta del Este is the ideal place for a vacation. It also turn into the second home of many. 
  • Tourists enjoy thousands of restaurants, pubs and nightclubs as well as the thrill of playing at casinos.
  • Over 40 kilometers of beaches -both tourist and virgin-  of calm and wild waters are available at Punta del Este, these are great options to enjoy Summer at it’s fullest.
  • In playa Brava, besides the lighthouse, you may observe the largest colony of sea lions in all South America.
  • The port zone conserves its original style, one story houses, a central chapel -Candelaria church- and its lighthouse, which dates from 1860.
  • The parish of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, is a picturesque edification that stands out due to it’s celeste colour facade; in its interior it holds the image of the Candelaria Virgin who comes from Spain.  




  • On the diverse Ramblas around town you can find the best establishments to delight on Spanish, French, Arab and Mediterranean cuisine; as well as fine of Rio Platense dishes.
  •  Ancient houses are turned into nice restaurants, the portuary zone is a great place to enjoy seafood, as well as La Barra and Jose Ignacio, which are also a speciality.

  • In the middle of Downtown you can find the best sweets shops; you can taste tarts and desserts, as well as hot sandwiches and cool bites, like the classic “chivito, for example, an Uruguayan delight that can’t be missed. While the “parillas” offer exquisite meat cuts, achuras and inlays.
  • A stroll through the famous Playa Mansa and Playa Brava, and a picture of “the hand” is a forced stop.
  • The British Plazoleta, which is also known by the locals as “plazoleta Gran Bretaña” is located in the most austral point of the country, in a place called  “Punta de las Salinas”, here, the waters of the Atlantic and the La Plata River entwine.
  • At Plaza Artigas, in the center of the Peninsula, the Artisan Fair possesses nearly 200 stands where you may acquire souvenirs, wool clothes and leather, even mesmerizing jewelry in gold or silver and precious stones.
  • At the Galería Atellier Casa de Pueblo, it’s possible to find paintings, ceramic, sculptures, tapestries, drawings and books by Páez Vilaró ( an Uruguayan paintor, ceramist, sculpture, director, writer, composer and constructor), you may also learn about his 36 years of trajectory.