Tropical jade

Costa Rica welcomes us wrapped in colours, bird’s melodies and emerald jungles.This jewel of the mountain holds captive a majestic view of the Arenal volcano which is one of the youngest and active of the region. This point in the map is also one of the most adventurous places of Costa Rica; hanging bridges, waterfalls, caves, white water rafting, fishing and nature safaris are only some of the qualities this tropical plethora possesses. For those who seek wellness and health, a visit to the energizing thermal waters must be made, and it’s always a cherished experience. 

Nayara respects the ecological balance of the region, reason why it reflects harmony to one the most beautiful destinations on Earth. It’s little houses and villas have great windows that allow the flow of natural light, they also reveal a splendid sight of their private gardens and secluded jacuzzis. What this latitud offers is an organic immersion, not only from it’s avant-garde facilities, but also from the respect toward the environment. 












Parque Nacional Volcán Arenal

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