Between the ocean and the savannah  

Diani beach is considered one of the best in Kenya; not only does it have the coral barrier, which is spectacular for snorkeling, but also due to its calm waters that grant the perfect conditions to swim and plough the water by kayak.

Located only an hour away from Mombasa, Alfajiri is one of the most majestic places of the African continent. In this hotel everything combines, the tranquil Indian Ocean and the African savannah create an atmosphere filled with peace and nature.  

It’s villas are hidden jewels that rest within this space, threaded with linen, wood and breeze. One of the most enjoyable amenities this place has, it to be able to enjoy a photographic safari under the sun. It redefines the concept of “Out of Africa”.







Diani Beach Road, Diani Beach, Kenia

Tel. +254 733 630491 / +254 722 727876


Text: AMURA ± Photo: MANDOF ACF / D3R / mango african