The moon appeared over the mountain at midnight, as the sun went to his appointment and reddened the horizon. And in the middle of the two, the Takhini River Lodge shone with great charm in the middle of a small meadow surrounded by mountains, near the Takhini River at 45minutes Whitehorse.

The house is a jewel in the countryside, the interior is cozy and when you leave you shoes at the entrance, you feel the warmth of wood in contact with your feet and breathe an exquisite atmosphere. The soul is attached to the environment of the West, but also wrapped in a French flavor Christiane and Mark have created. It is a place of great charm. All the decoration is dressed for simplicity and luxury, the terrace is adorned with spring flowers and on the grass a bear or a Caribou can pass by.



Christiane’s cuisine has the savor of the great French chef and the far north, tasted by the night light without darkness. The flavors are raised with garden plants, their vegetables or fruits of the forest, love the room receives the host. The rooms offer the environment to relax and enjoy the night covered with quilts and wrapped in the warmth of wood.

From the Lodge, you can take excursions walking along the river on horseback, a dog sled in the winter to see the aurora borealis, cross country skiing, or go fishing in one of the nearby lakes. Also one can sit in the hot water from the spring of thermal waters Takhini Hot spring and visit the Wildlife Preserve.

Takhini River Lodge is a diamond that shines in the plain, a goldmine for the adventurous who enjoy luxury. It is the gourmet restaurant in the entire region, including the warm hospitality of its owners. It’s definitely a must for all visitors enamored with the ecosystem of the habitat.




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Takhini River lodge, Lot 1370 

Takhini River Road, Po.Box. 21345, 

Whitehorse Y1A 6R6, Canadá

T: (867) 393 3060 / 393 2077  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Monney