Immersed in the pool, and enjoying the sumptuous warmth of the Oaxacan coast, one sinks into a sense of supreme pleasure, enjoying the wonderful view over the beach and San Agustinillo Mazunte. The view is lost in the folds of the mountains, islands and Punta Cometa, the southernmost tip of the North American continent.

Casa Pan de Miel is a well-preserved nook that lets you enjoy those magical moments that offers such mysterious coast where culture is intertwined with beauty. Its dining room is housed in a magnificent thatched roof that protects us from the sun, as a panoramic view opens and one can hear the beating of the waves against the rocks. At our feet the pool opens with a vast scene as each of the charming rooms give away one of the best ocean views, infinite, illuminated by the blue water and white waves.



Enjoying the excellent breakfast with jams and homemade bread is the first pleasure of the day, accompanied by the kind attentions of Anne and Mariana. One can follow the ballads of the sea to swim with turtles and dolphins or just relax on the beach frolicking in the waves or surfing. Walking in the evening enjoying the best restaurants are also some delicacies of Mazunte. The ultimate pleasure of the day is swimming in the pool under the moonlight, listening to the sea, floating on a vast natural paradise from the natural and wonderful balcony /and/ that is Casa Pan de Miel.




Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Money