• The people who live in Agde are known as agathois: nautical, fishermen’s festivals and celebrations are part of their history. They are proud of their traditions and like to show it to their visitors from months March to October.
  • Agde is the combination of water and fire, it is a volcanic region but there is no reason to worry: the volcanoes have become extinct, the last eruptions date back 740.000 years ago.
  • To go to Mont Saint-Loup you must do it by horse, bicycle or walking, it is a place to protect vehicle traffic. At the summit you can enjoy a unique view of the coast and the interior of Agde and you will realize the reason why the top occupied a strategic position to prevent pirate and English incursions.
  • Bagnas is a natural reserve where more than 200 different bird species and more than 6,000 water birds are protected. To recommend visit.
  • The production of the famous oysters of Bouzigues is take shelter in the lagoon of Thau. To collect them is recommend do it by a guide since the oyster is breed in the pond and benefits from unique natural conditions for its development.
  • In Cap d’Agde you can participate in the Grand Prix of chess with national and international meetings. This year 2019, 27 different nationalities participated in the Open.




  • The exhibition Fortune on board! arrived at the Musée de l’Ephebe: it is the chronicle of the ship “Jeanne-Élisabeth”. There are notable objects, such as piasters, ship’s cannons and objects from the daily life of sailors in the 18th. century.
  • The 99th. edition of the Languedoc Trophy, organized by the Société Nautique des Jouteurs Agathois (SNJA), which takes place at the foot of the Saint-Etienne Cathedral returns to agathoise land with the victory of Olivier Lecouteur.
  • The first Oceanman in France took place around Fort Brescou in Cap d’Agde. This world swimming sports competition will beend in Mexico.
  • Enjoy the evenings with Molière during the months of July and August in Pézenas, thanks to the show by Les Scènes d’Oc.
  • You can discover a great deal of information about fishing techniques, the agathois marine environment, as well as the natural resources that comprise it, a guide offers to follow a pedagogical circuit entitled “The world of fishing in the Mediterranean”.



Text: Amura ± Photo: Architonic / MARINA