A place where the forces of nature meet the best of Australian civilization.

The wild natural beauty of Western Australia, a vast and ancient landscape, is represented in no better way than in the region known as El Questro. A destination unlike any others, this is one of Australia’s last true frontiers, teeming with mountains, gorges, springs, rainforests, waterfalls, and deserts.

The hotel sits at the heart of this 700,000 property, and offers a variety of accommodations, nearly tailored-made for the adventurous sensibilities of each guest. “El Questro Homestead” is perched on a clifftop with views across the Chamberlain River. These lodgings are, in essence, an oasis of privacy and luxury; the ultimate retreat for a maximum of 18 guests. “Emma Gorge,” for its part, is home to 60 tented cabins that blend with the surrounding wilderness, placing you in touch with the flora and fauna of the region. “El Questro Station,” a property surrounded by ancient boab trees, is perfect for those who enjoy rugged landscape and contact with a wide array of wildlife. It’s the hub for many of the adventurous activities offered at El Questro.

A final campsite, “The Station,” offers a general camping experience, with read-to-use tents and a large selection of outdoor activities to fill your day. Nights at “The Station” are filled with stories around one of the many campfires, which are further illuminated by the bright stars of the Kimberly night sky.

The resorts signature dining spot, “Emma’s at El Questro Emma Gorge,” is a place where one can enjoy a delightful scenery while enjoying either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Whether it’s a choice of buffet or a la carte, these internationally inspired and contemporary menu is suited for all tastes and preferences, and includes such highlights as local beef cuts and barramundi, as well as Asian salads, sky-high burgers;  wines, coffee, and teas. 






Parque Silvestre El Questro

75 Cooliah Drive

Kununurra, Australia Occidental 



Text: Andrés Ordorica ± Photo: El Questro