Chef Mory Sacko is at the helm of this new dining destination.

It was in February 2021 when Louis Vuitton announced the opening of its first café and restaurant within its Maison in Osaka, Japan. This year, the opening takes place at the iconic White 1921 Hotel in Saint Tropez, France.

The Maison collaborates with Michelin-starred chef Mory Sacko, who served as director of MoSuke restaurant in Paris.

Located by the sea, African and Japanese influences meet the savoir-faire of French cuisine. Precisely, the seasonal menu was designed by the chef to celebrate freshness.

One of the main dishes is a gourmet version of ekiben. For dinner, everything from prime rib to a lighter tapas menu is offered.

The interior is adorned with specially redesigned Monogram flowers and Objets Nomades.