Details in winter - Amura

Details in winter

The autumn-winter 2010 has come, and retro is mixed with the modern in an exquisite combination to rescue the past. The trend for this season are the extreme shapes, broad shoulders, tight waists, layer upon layer and the grunge style that mar- ked a whole generation. For some designers, the inten- tion is to recall the time of the post war with crocodile skins, fabrics and accessories tweed sty le influence but very masculine and refined classical style.

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Patek Philippe The elegance of time - Gustavo Pérez

Patek Philippe The elegance of time

For 170 years now, the Patek Philippe seal represents precisions, quality and elegance in the watchmaking world. The constant search for the balance between technical functionality and aesthetics has been the force that leads the firm into the future.

Por Gustavo Pérez


Geneva, the city of the world - Gustavo Pérez / Set Salazar

Geneva, the city of the world

Sí, hay una ciudad en el planeta que repre- sente idóneamente la idea de convivencia y tranquilidad en urbanidad: Ginebra. Delimi- tada por dos apacibles ríos, esta bella metrópoli es la capital de Suiza, y se considera la localidad más cosmopolita de este país. Curiosamente, se le llama también la ciudad “más pequeña del mundo”, aunque es la más grande dentro de territorio suizo después de Zürich.

Por Gustavo Pérez / Set Salazar


Quebec, Canada - Amura

Quebec, Canada

It is the largest province of Canada where one can enjoy enigmatic natural spaces such as the Montmorency Waterfalls, which mea- sures 83 mts in height, 30 mts more than the Niagara Waterfalls. One can also experience a great cultural and social life in Montreal, the capital of the province, which is the home of approximately 70 international events each year. Quebec is a destination that cannot be overlooked once you step in Canadian soil.

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Ruan, France - Amura

Ruan, France

Magical, traditional, and paradisic; Ruan is a small French city on the shores of the Siene, and Orly 55 minutes away from Paris. It is known thanks to Victor Hugo as the City of Church Bells, and it’s distinguished by its history, its excellent and exquisite regional cuisine; its famous cheeses and the hospitality of its inhabit- ants. This historical capital is a delight for all travellers who seek to discover and live a traditional France.

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Real de Catorce, Mexico - Amura

Real de Catorce, Mexico

It is a small town in San Luis Potosí which during colonial times po- sitioned itself as one of the mining capitals, being at one point in par with Guanajuato. Its alleyways, history, traditional cuisine, and architecture make of this town a cultural and culinary paradise. Its land- scapes have been the background of multiple American and European films, which makes a visit to this place appear as if one stopped time, and is living a dream.

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Machester, England - Amura

Machester, England

Considered as one of the first modern and urban cities in the world, Manchester is an exceptional place for all the lovers of the English culture, its traditional pubs and architecture and historical industrial zones show all the potency, organization, and development of the United Kingdom. After London, Manchester is the English metropolis where musicians, painters, writers and sculptors gather to enjoy the interaction that only a cosmopolitan city like this can offer.

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Banyan Tree in Mexico - Amura

Banyan Tree in Mexico

Banyan Tree Mexico, is a complex that givesanother meaning to the word 'hotel' in ourcountry. Its philosophy is based on the re-newal of spirit, mind and body. We see it is a targetto achieve deeper communication with yourself orwith your partner, tranquility and harmony of theirenvironment Banyan Tree is one of the most suc-cessful global resorts companies on the continentof Asia, and no wonder, its architecture. SPA services. and the excellent treatment of its staff, claimingto be the best choice for vacation. Banyan integratesnature and luxury in just one word: sanctuary.

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Fita 2010 - Amura

Fita 2010

International Tourism Exhibition of the Americas (FITA), was held from 23 to 26 September 2010 in Mexico City, an event designed to promote Mexican tourism worldwide.

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Picchiotti Exume - Amura

Picchiotti Exume

EXUMA, a word as mysterious as this boat, after five years of planning, integration and implementation concepts, saw day-light for the first time on a sunny afternoon, onSaturday July 3,2010. The stage could not be moreappropriate, the “Gulf of Poets” welcomed thisbeautiful yacht.

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Lazzara 116 - Amura

Lazzara 116

As its new flagship, the house yacht Lazzara launched its new Lazzara 116, which certainly has some similarity with previ-ous models of the brand, but with a new design. Asits name implies, this ship has a length of 116 feetfrom stem to stern, its configuration can enjoy thecomforts of a mega yacht, but without the restric-tions that sometimes large vessels represent.

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Aquariva a new made in Italy icon is born - Amura

Aquariva a new made in Italy icon is born

Gucci and Riva, in collaboration with Officina Italiana Design The design company which
created the original Aquariva in 2000. areproud to unveil the exclusive made to order “Aquarivaby Gucci”, a model customized by Gucci Creative Direc-tor Frida GianninL This initiative will be one of the ac-tivities marking Gucci’s 90th anniversary year in 2011.

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Third stage of the Shark Project  - Amura

Third stage of the Shark Project

To complete the third stage of the “SharkProyect”, we travelled from the 4th to the 9thof August to a small village called MoreheadCity, which is located in North Carolina, USA, wherewe could photograph the “Sand Tiger Shark”, thusachieving the goal we had established for ourselvesat the beginning of this project.

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Le Richemond Ginebra - Amura

Le Richemond Ginebra

Geneva characterizes itself for being the preferred destination for the tourists who enjoy a Cosmopolitan journey full of culture, elegance and sophistication.

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Metropole Swissotel - Amura

Metropole Swissotel

Located at the commercial center in Geneva, the Metropole Swissôtel positions itself as one of the best luxury hotels in Geneve, in which one can enjoy excellent service, luxury and commodity. 

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Hotel Capella - Amura

Hotel Capella

Located on the southern coast of Mexico, the Hotel Capella Ixtapa offers its guests a unique experience. With an imposing view of the ocean, and service of the highest order, the Capella Ixtapa invites its guests to disconnect from the stress and the tumult of the world during their stay.

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Hotel Geneve, the most legendary of Mexico - Amura

Hotel Geneve, the most legendary of Mexico

Hotel Geneve was founded in 1907 and since then has been known to stay ahead in the tourist industry. For example, was the first hotel to receive single women in their facilities, have taxi service operator, laundry, travel agency, elevator, tennis court and a private bathroom in the rooms. 

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Park Tower Hotel - Amura

Park Tower Hotel

Located only a few steps away from the “Torre De los Ingleses” monument, and situated at heart of Buenos Aires, the Luxury Collection Park Tower Hotel delivers to its clients an ambience of luxury, distinction and exclusivity.

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Quay Sydney's culinary icon  - Andrés Ordorica

Quay Sydney's culinary icon

In 2009, Quay was named Restaurant of the Year by Australian Gourmet Traveler magazine, subsequently bestowed the same honor in 2010 by the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide, a guide that for the past three years has given the restaurant a 3 Chef’s Hat’s rating.

Por Andrés Ordorica


L'ord de Jean Martell - Amura

L'ord de Jean Martell

Behind the L’Or by Jean Martell exists a marvelous history: The culmination of 300 of experience and the passion and care in the elaboration of Congac.

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Range Rover Evoque - Carlos Matamoros

Range Rover Evoque

Once more, Land Rover astounded the whole world with the world debut of the new Range Rover Evoque at the Paris Auto Show, on the 30th of September, 2010. The new model has made a reality out of the acclaimed Concept Car LRX, being faithful to the spirit of the cross-coupé design.

Por Carlos Matamoros


Orientalismo en Europa: de  Delacroix a Kandisky - Andrés Ordorica

Orientalismo en Europa: de Delacroix a Kandisky

With some 150 paintings and sculptures, the major exhibition Orientalism in Europe: from Delacroix to Kandinsky presents the diverse interpretations of the Islamic Orient, North Africa and the Middle East by almost 100 western European artists. This survey starts with Napoleon’s Egyptian Campaign (1798–1801) and continues through to the Modernism of the early 20th century.

Por Andrés Ordorica


Tips & Tops Geneve - Gustavo Pérez

Tips & Tops Geneve

Tips & Tops Geneve

Por Gustavo Pérez