A city that takes pride in paying homage to its traditions, Neuchâtel is custom made for those who enjoy the quality of pleasure.

The most exclusive hotel in the area is the Palafitte which was designed by Kurt Hoffman, located in one of the most privileged sites of the Three Lakes region in Monruz by the shores of the Lake of Neuchâtel in Switzerland. It is a luxurious retreat that through limited capacity and an avant-garde approach offers a top quality experience.

The hotels modern design contrast with the medieval aspect of the rest of the city, just as the past is preserved in the archeological park of Laténium. The antique techniques may be appreciated in the watch and wine museums, respectively, where a vast collection of pieces are displayed. A destination that is distinguished for its recreational activities and its impeccable care for patrimony, ready to be discovered by the traveler who will not settle common destinations.


Text: Amura ± Photo: Flickr, ©JNTO, Suiza viajero, Hotel Ponta Dos Ganchos