A taste of an eternal postcard

Located in the province of Bari, Italy, this beautiful town, Polignano a Marese, is set inside a magnificent grotto; it’s a gastronomic temple and an oniric corner that moves with it’s unique view, whoever is lucky enough to spend a morning, evening or night in one of it’s tables.

It’s viticulture options are excellent; it possesses a wide enjoyable selection for your taste, the menu is spot on and the service is unforgettable, it is similar to the place: warm and welcoming. Our recommendation is to have lunch here, due to the fact that it’s majestic sight might be harder to appreciate at night. However, there isn’t anything more romantic than dinner in this grotto; it’s charm creates a perfect atmosphere for any couple. 

The location of this place is insuperable due to it’s beauty. It’s hard to locate though, the streets  and town’s cliffs are difficult to unravel. Reservation is necessary and it must be done with anticipation; it has a huge demand. Did we mention there’s also a hotel?




Ristorante Grotta Palazzesse, Via Narciso, 59, 70044 Polignano a Mare, Italia

Tel. +39 (0)80 4240677  



Text: Lizath Dadug ± Photo: JUSTDOG / SRC / CARRIER / rayavadee / squarse / Forbes