Under the ocean’s celestial vault

In one of the Islands of the Maldives a subaquatic space exists that is comparable to none in the world; dinner time is accompanied by its maritime spectacle, while we are astounded by the majesticness of the ocean in the commodity of one of the most capricious tables of all humanity, which draws us closer to living an “under the water” dream.

This submarine diner offers a plethora of excellent gastronomic ensembles where sushi and desserts standout. The virtue of this place is the unique experience it portrays, not everyday are you able to enjoy dinner or lunch surrounded by salty water and its astounding fauna  –and one or two divers- which can be seen through the vaulted crystal “ceiling”.

It’s quite magical to take a stroll down the beach and finding a ladder that takes you to this restaurant in order to enjoy delicious options of food and wine bathed by the natural light of the sun rays that enter like waves, such as the sober illumination of this place.




Info: Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Conrad Maldives, 2034

Tel. +960-668-0629  



Text: Lizeth Dadug ± Photo: JUSTDOG / SRC / CARRIER / rayavadee / squarse / Forbes