Flavour amongst mountains and the infinity

The Island of Saint Lucia is an exuberant destination filled with beauty. Finding a place to eat results in absolute pleasure, specially with this magical concept which is completely organic and local like Dasheene. The freshness of its traditional dishes is evident, they are crafted with ingredients harvested and sowed in situ specially for the restaurant and complex.

However, what makes Dasheene so exhilarating, is the spectacular sight that it offers when you visit; the ocean is framed by the volcanic Python pikes,  simply charming. The ambiance is perfect for a honeymoon, although it’s not surprising to see large families with kids once in awhile. The seafood and coconut soup are the house’s specialty, although they lamb is also amazing, they offer a diverse range of cocktails which are perfectly crafted. It’s best to reserve in advance, due to the fact that the preference amongst the guests of the resort is constant.




Dasheene, Ladera Resort, Soufriere, Sta. Lucía

Tel. 459-7323  



Text: Lizeth Dadug ± Photo: JUSTDOG / SRC / CARRIER / rayavadee / squarse / Forbes