Summer a set of textures - AMURA

Summer a set of textures

Fresh materials are prevailing this season, mixed with textures that enhance the looks inspired in warm weather; though ready to the sudden accompanying rains. Multi-strap and Roman sandals are the best options during the daytime and sometimes in the nighttime.



Radiomir Panerai Mare Nostrum - PANERAI ©

Radiomir Panerai Mare Nostrum

In 1943, the family Panerai named “Mare Nostrum” the deck officers’ chronograph of the Regia Marina, the Italian Royal Navy, in order to honor the Mediterranean Sea, Mare Nostrum, (Our Sea), scenario of the Italian Royal Navy fleets’ II World War victories.



 Ecridor Yacht Club hoist the sails - Caran d’Ache

Ecridor Yacht Club hoist the sails

Caran d’Ache, the Maison de Haute Ecriture, has paid homage to the nautical world and to its first 1947 mechanical pencil, as well: the new Ecridor Yacht Club, Soul of the Sea; an object dedicated for vessels and aquatic sports lovers.

Por Caran d’Ache


Hong Kong - Ana María Morales

Hong Kong

There are people who say that Hong Kong, from the air, appears like a crystal forest, its skyscrapers glimmer towards the sky and illuminate the arrival of visitors, giving them away an amazing kaleidoscope as well.

Por Ana María Morales



Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong - Lisa Kátana

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

An icon of the city, the same as of the Mandarin Oriental chain, it is the first of many hotels now present all around the world. Its stunning view of the Victoria Harbor is just the beginning of true pleasure, in every sense.

Por Lisa Kátana


The Peninsula Hong Kong - AMURA

The Peninsula Hong Kong

Opened in 1928, The Peninsula, more than a hotel, is sensed as a historic space. Silent witness of many events and changes in that nation, nowadays, she is a must-see reference of a port city that transcends her own legend.



Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong - Elizabeth Luna

Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Being at a privileged place, connected to malls and main avenues, just at the heart of Hong Kong, this worldwide renowned hotel offers everything a traveler might ever wish for, during a luxury stay. Its multi-lingual personnel are very apt to counseling guests in order to enjoy even more this destination.

Por Elizabeth Luna


Kowloon Shangri-La - Regina López

Kowloon Shangri-La

Housed in the famous Tsim Sha Tsui East commercial and leisure district, the Kowloon Shangri-La offers its guests an unforgettable stay in the throbbing heart of one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Por Regina López



Feadship Lady Christine - Feadship ©

Feadship Lady Christine

Lady Christine was built for hugely experienced owners who were intrinsically involved in every step of the project. Their vital contributions are apparent at every level, from the highly distinctive exterior looks to minor interior details such as door sensors for their dogs.

Por Feadship ©


Riva 88 Domino Super - Ferreti

Riva 88 Domino Super

The 88’ Domino Super, “[…] fruit of a painstaking design process aimed at further perfecting a highly successful model”, says Stefano de Vivo, Ferretti Group’s Chief Commercial Officer. This yacht marks the evolution of the Italian shipyard’s vessels.

Por Ferreti


Copa  Aarón Sáenz - Florencia Gutiérrez / Mario Ramírez

Copa Aarón Sáenz

The Copa Aarón Sáenz (CAS) was born in 1995 when Aarón “el Chato” Sáenz came up with the idea of fostering the formation of a dinghy fleet among the youngsters in Acapulco; in order to accomplish this, from all over Mexico, Optimist Class sailors were invited to go sea sailing, thus creating the most competitive international regattas.

Por Florencia Gutiérrez / Mario Ramírez


Matt Kuchar & Tiger Woods  - Ze Sergio Garay

Matt Kuchar & Tiger Woods

American golf players, US representatives in the next Edition of the Bridgestone America’s Golf, to be celebrated in Mexican territory from October 21 through 25, are a priori, the greatest candidates to win the tournament.

Por Ze Sergio Garay


Lung King Heen - AMURA

Lung King Heen

Located in a little enclave, where more than 40,000 restaurants coexist, the Lung King Heen, run by chef Chan Yan Tak, is one of the best gastronomic choices of this cosmopolitan city; besides being the only Cantonese food restaurant in the world boasting three Michelin stars.



8½ Otto e Mezzo  Bombana - AMURA

8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana

Chef Umberto Bombana is the ambassador of Italian gastronomy in the Asian region. His restaurant pays homage to Federico Fellini’s 8½; Bombana has entirely become a standard of “Asian Italianity.”



Baijiu - Andrés Torres


The history of liquor in China is as millennial as her own culture. Even if there exists evidence that during the Shang dynasty (1766-1046 a. C.) aguardientes and rice wine were consumed, some anthropologists based on the detailed data from the Chinese chronicle Shi Ji or Sima Qian, the historical records par excellence, establishes its origins over the past three millennia

Por Andrés Torres


Perfection and power at the wheel - AMURA

Perfection and power at the wheel

Synonym of lavishness and exclusivity at their maximum expression, these cars represent sophisticated versions that show a magnificent amalgamation of technology, design and high performance; elements, all of them, that prove the power of their engines when traveling over the roads.



Gustav Mahler - Ricardo Rondón

Gustav Mahler

In the world of the arts, many men and women were born before their time. Music is a prime example where many composers were not appreciated and whose personality  was rejected by them, who made them victims as outcasts. Hence the story of Gustav Mahler, notable conductor especially in the world of opera and a composer of formidable talent. 

Por Ricardo Rondón


A cultural melting pot - Rodrigo Borja Torres

A cultural melting pot

Cosmopolitan, tolerant, diverse, colorful, vibrant and beautiful. The former British colony of Hong Kong, located in a small archipelago in the south of China, is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

Por Rodrigo Borja Torres


Xiongmao - Rebeca Castillo


The giant panda, known in China as Xiongmao, meaning “the great bear-cat”, is classified as the rarest mammal in the world; not just owing to the combination of its black and white fluffy fur that has given it its fame as a good natured being, but for its difficulty to reproduce, vulnerability to illnesses and peculiar feeding habits as, even though they have a carnivore digestive system, they depend on bamboo to survive.

Por Rebeca Castillo


Tips & Tops Hong Kong - AMURA

Tips & Tops Hong Kong

Tips & Tops Hong Kong