Winter - AMURA


In these season that swings between a traditional sobriety and the fun of the festivities we find the elegance of the suits, the mid height cut boots, the coats ranging from mariner style to the long Chesterfield, as well as the leather dresses with simple traces or in A type cut.




Academy Georges  Favre-Jacot  Zenith - Cecilia Guzmán

Academy Georges Favre-Jacot Zenith

With the occasion of its 150th anniversary, the watchmaker Zenith prepared a collector’s piece which compiles the savoir-faire of Swiss manufacturing and which expressing elegance and praise of haute horlogerie.

Por Cecilia Guzmán


Big Bang Ferrari Hublot - Beatriz Triana

Big Bang Ferrari Hublot

These pieces are the result of aesthetics and power that characterize the Ferrari automotive, with the precision that have made Hublot in one of the most prestigious watchmaking firms.

Por Beatriz Triana


Roma - Melissa Díaz


The Eternal City is known in this way not only due to its ancient history nor for being one of the first big metropolis of the world, it is nicknamed in this way because today it remains as beautiful as it was centuries ago. Rome is the cradle of art and architecture, the home of great designers, the muse to a many artists and the headquarters of the Catholic faith.

Por Melissa Díaz


Residenza Napoleone III - Serena Raven

Residenza Napoleone III

This is one of the most luxurious places to stay in Rome. It is located in the Ruspoli palace built in the XVI century on the legendary Via Condotti. It is called like this after the Emperor Napoleon III who lived there in 1830.

Por Serena Raven


J.K. Place Roma - Gwendoline Sánchez

J.K. Place Roma

It is located in the heart of Rome in a magnificent palace, restored and modernized. From there la Piazza Espagna and la Fontana de Trevi can be reached by foot and many of the monuments of Rome and the Vatican are also very close by.

Por Gwendoline Sánchez


Villa Spalletti Trivelli - Audrey Luna

Villa Spalletti Trivelli

Founded on the residence of the Spalletti Trivelli family, the hotel was renovated between the years 2004 and 2006 by the architect Piero Alessandrini. It is counts with an unsurpassed location in the full Historical Center of Rome in front of the Quirinal Palace.

Por Audrey Luna


El Lorena Ochoa Invitacional - Lizethe Dagdug

El Lorena Ochoa Invitacional

The golf seeks the excellence under a frame of tradition. Therefore, it is only natural that Rolex, an icon of perfection and precision, would be participating in this discipline, since it shares its virtues and commitment whose traditional base evolves thanks to a perpetual search of progress that elevates the spirit. 

Por Lizethe Dagdug


BENETTI Classic Supreme 132’ “ORYX” - Edmiston

BENETTI Classic Supreme 132’ “ORYX”

The latest yacht from the Benetti Class range, Classic Supreme 132’ ‘ORYX’ is a semi-production yacht, built with the winning formula of Benetti Customs at its core.

Por Edmiston



Lobo Italiano - Alicia Gutiérrez

Lobo Italiano

Present on legends and tales that have been handed down for generations, the wolf takes part even in the very foundation of Rome. Ascanius, son of Aeneas (the Trojan hero) established close to the Tiber river the city of Alba Longa.

Por Alicia Gutiérrez


Rome in the cinema and the cinema in Rome - Raúl Boxer

Rome in the cinema and the cinema in Rome

In any geographical point, the movies usually are the first window through which one gets to know the world. Who didn’t spend countless evenings between gunshots, explosions and chases, going through the streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York?, Who was not amazed with the temples, mountains or streets of mystical Asian cities?

Por Raúl Boxer


Bólidos Perfección a la Italiana - Ferrari México, Erick Zamora, Fedor Reyna

Bólidos Perfección a la Italiana

Brands like Ferrari and Maserati, belonging to the Fiat group; Pagani and Bugatti; besides being included among the luxury racing teams with the most value in the world, are a clear example of power, luxury and speed.

Por Ferrari México, Erick Zamora, Fedor Reyna


Auténtico Bacalao Noruego - LA EUROPEA

Auténtico Bacalao Noruego

There are more than 60 varieties from a single codfish family, but those valued the most are: Gadus Morhua and Molva Molva (these species being available at La Europea), they hail from the deep and cold waters off the Nordic seashores in Norway, and they are usually caught by means of fishhooks, a technique that ensures their quality, as this keeps the meat white and pure by avoiding the fish getting contaminated with the toxins of its own blood, as opposed to what happens with friction on the fishnets.



La Pergola - Rafael Ramírez

La Pergola

It is the only restaurant in Rome awarded with three Michelin Stars, showing the excellence offered on each dish, and for which the most select products of Italy are employed.

Por Rafael Ramírez


Il Pagliaccio - Rafael Ramírez

Il Pagliaccio

The offered menu is a fusion of different flavors and aromas derived from the creativity and travels of Anthony Genovese, its chef.

Por Rafael Ramírez


Oliver Glowig - Amura

Oliver Glowig

This restaurant is located in the heart of Rome, inside the hotel Aldrovandi Villa Borghese. Its chef from Germany, Oliver Glowig, is one of the best performers of the Italian cuisine; on each dish he offers a balance between the German precision and the intensity of the flavors of the Mediterranean.

Por Amura


Aroma - Amura


With a privileged view of the Colosseum, this restaurant under the charge of the chef Giuseppe Di lorio delights tastes with a selection of the best ingredients, but always keeping the traditional touch of the Italian cuisine. Before the dinner, you can try a cocktail in the bar’s terrace, which offers a panoramic of the Colle Oppio, the gardens of the Emperor Nero.

Por Amura


Diamantes de la cocina - Miguel Ángel Montiel

Diamantes de la cocina

The history of truffles is understood from references of luminaries from the culinary world and selected philosophers.

They are the D’Alba white and the black of winter, the truffles that have greater culinary influence on world markets. Harvesting, marketing and possibilities are a world retaining some of the mystery and intrigue of the past with its record of respective rivalry and provincialism.

Por Miguel Ángel Montiel



Capilla Sixtina - Virgilio Palacio

Capilla Sixtina

The nine genesis scenes A work that overwhelms its visitors

To contextualize the work of controversial artist Michelangelo, which is recognized as the purest manifestation of divine power and its representatives on Earth; worth remembering that the Vatican, which protects this universal heritage, is the smallest country in the world. In just an area of 44 hectares, hosts some of the most important works of history and art.

Por Virgilio Palacio


Massimiliano Fuksas - Güido Sica

Massimiliano Fuksas

Massimiliano Fuksas is one of the most successful contemporary Italian architects in the world. Fuksas along with his wife and associate Doriana Mandrelli, direct their architect firm from their Rome, Paris and Shenzhen offices.

Por Güido Sica


Verdi, A Noble Life - Ricardo Rondón

Verdi, A Noble Life

Giuseppe Verdi was born on october 10, 1813 at La Roncole, Busseto, in the Old Duchy of Parma. His father Carlo managed an inn. His childhood was uneventful. It seemed that nothing important was going to occur in his life, but one day he met Antonio Barezzi, ,who bécame his patrón and who loved music.

Por Ricardo Rondón


Tips & Tops Roma - Amura

Tips & Tops Roma

 Italia es un país de la Unión Europea y su moneda oficial es el euro. El cambio de divisa es aconsejable hacerlo en México para ahorrar en las comisiones que cobran en cualquier casa de cambio.

Por Amura