Autumn - Winter in detail - AMURA

Autumn - Winter in detail

This Fall-Winter will be marked by distinctive shades, Avant-guard details and a fusion of smooth textures with particularities that dress cumulating forms. A season full of identity and personal touches.      



100 years of ruling Cartier - © Cartier

100 years of ruling Cartier

From the conception of its first panther spot motif on a watch in 1914, Cartier has maintained a constant presence throughout the years. In each design, the firm evokes instantly a unique design: figurative, graphic, playful, sweet, savage, luxurious, ferocious, or kinetic, which multiplies the surprises. 

Por © Cartier


Breitling, Chronomat  Flying Fish y Francisco Toledo - Breitling

Breitling, Chronomat Flying Fish y Francisco Toledo

The high Swiss watchmaking and the artist from Oaxaca Francisco Toledo make a perfect team to launch a special edition that will have altruistic purposes in favor of an education organization for the children of Oaxaca. 

Por Breitling


Officine Panerai - Luis Peyrelongue

Officine Panerai

Desde su primer taller de relojería fundado en 1860 en Florencia, hasta su magnífico centro de producción inaugurado en 2014 en Pierre-à-Bot, en las colinas que rodean Neuchâtel, Officine Panerai, no deja de sorprendernos con creaciones que combinan la elegancia del diseño italiano con la tradición de la tecnología suiza.

Por Luis Peyrelongue


Comunitat Valenciana - Vicente Niclos Albarracin / Jesus Peraza

Comunitat Valenciana

The first inhabitants were the Iberian tribes in the interior hills, as Liria or Sagunto; later, during the Second Punic War (218 – 212 BC) the Romans and the Carthaginians fought over the ownership of the coast, winning at the end the formers. 

Por Vicente Niclos Albarracin / Jesus Peraza


Valencia, a source of emotions - María Luisa Martínez Vacas

Valencia, a source of emotions

Valencia is sun, warmth and a sea covered by a blue sky that captures you. Valencia is a feast, a present for your senses. It is Avant guard, culture and tradition. The enrapture surges when you breathe the Mediterranean air of this city that exudes life, light and color. The main protagonist is its people that embraced me, making me feel as if their home was my home. 

Por María Luisa Martínez Vacas


Caro hotel - Alicia Gutiérrez

Caro hotel

After seven years of detailed restoration and reconversion work, which began in 2005, the old Palace of Marquis of Caro reopened its doors under a new identity and with a renewed purpose.

Por Alicia Gutiérrez


Parador de El Saler - Rebeca Castillo

Parador de El Saler

The hotel is located at 18 km of Valencia and it offers the best location possible, right in the middle of the Natural Park of Albufera, close to the Saler and the Dehesa beaches. The Architecture of the place is in total agreement with its surroundings: Woods of pines, dunes and the Mediterranean Sea as the background. 

Por Rebeca Castillo


Palau de la Mar - Lizethe Dagdug

Palau de la Mar

Un edificio palaciego del siglo XIX, ubicado dentro del corazón cosmopolita de Valencia, constituye al Hoste Palau de la Mar, de cinco estrellas.

Por Lizethe Dagdug


Yaeyama Islands, Japan - AMURA

Yaeyama Islands, Japan

Yaeyama Islands, Japan



Les Baux de Provence, France - AMURA

Les Baux de Provence, France

Les Baux de Provence, France



Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska - AMURA

Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska



Daintree Rainforest, Australia - AMURA

Daintree Rainforest, Australia

Daintree Rainforest, Australia



Benetti Sai Ram - Edmiston & Company

Benetti Sai Ram

Benetti has never before made one quite like her. On boarding Sai Ram, it is not difficult to understand why this yacht is so uncharacteristic for her builder.

Por Edmiston & Company


Azimut Magellano 76 - Azimut Yachts

Azimut Magellano 76

 In essence a yacht is simply excitement on the water. In essence, the beauty of the design is simply our Italian heritage which we export around the world. In essence, developing the most innovative technology requires simply years of preparation, and checking safety simply the most demanding tests.

Por Azimut Yachts


Lynx Iberian - Gerardo López

Lynx Iberian

The Iberian Lynx (Lynx pardinus) is catalogued by the World Union for Nature (UICN) as the most threatened feline in the world.

Por Gerardo López


Hybrid cars - Alonso Bejarano

Hybrid cars

One of the reasons that move the car industry to maintain itself in constant innovation is the care for the environment, and that is why the companies develop machines with new energy and with an impact less aggressive for the planet.

Por Alonso Bejarano


Canyar - Renata Burgos


Opened in 1986, it is located closed to downtown Valencia; today, this restaurant is a reference to Mediterranean food.

Por Renata Burgos


Marisquería Civera - Renata Burgos

Marisquería Civera

It began as a dream in the 60’s, when some members of the Civera family began as apprentices of the hotel business in the best restaurants of the City. 

Por Renata Burgos


La sucursal - Renata Burgos

La sucursal

This restaurant is located inside the Institute of Modern Art of Valencia, first museum dedicated to modern art to be opened in Spain.

Por Renata Burgos


Vertical - Renata Burgos


Located in the 9th floor of the Confortel 4 Hotel, it offers unequalled panoramic views of the City of the Arts and the Sciences.

Por Renata Burgos


Agua de Valencia - César Mejía

Agua de Valencia

As an allegory, this can be supported in The Court of the Waters of the Meadow of Valencia, the oldest institution of justice in Europe and that, even today, get together to solve the water problems in the land of Valencia.  

Por César Mejía


The foundation of the historic tradition  - Jesús Peraza

The foundation of the historic tradition

Marco de la Rasilla, professor and Prehistory Researcher with the University of Oviedo, refers that based on the remains left by the Homo neanderthalensis in Europe, it is believed that the Neanderthal appeared in this region about 230,000 years and disappeared about 35,000 years ago.  

Por Jesús Peraza


The prince of Valencia - Yolanda Bravo Saldaña

The prince of Valencia

When referencing the legendary figure of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, the Cid Campeador, and his years in Levante, it is worth to differentiate the historical data, firmly documented, from the literary works loaded with mythical elements. It is always necessary to compare them; however, they should not be mixed-up. 

Por Yolanda Bravo Saldaña


Joaquín Rodrigo - Ricardo Rondón

Joaquín Rodrigo

Joaquín Rodrigo was born in Sagunto, within  the Province of Valencia on november 22, 1901. He lost his sight when he was only 3 years old due to complications from Diphtheria. His precocious talent was recognized by local Valencian musicians and his studies were supervised by the notable composer, folklorist and writer Eduardo López. 

Por Ricardo Rondón


Architecture Valencian Style  - Cesar Mejía

Architecture Valencian Style

In 1951, in the city hall of Benimámet, Valencia, one of the architects who has left his print throughout the world was born: Santiago Calatrava Valls. This character, who enjoys great recognition in the contemporary Architecture

Por Cesar Mejía


Tips & Tops Valencia - AMURA

Tips & Tops Valencia

Tips & Tops Valencia