Heavenly Summertime - Amura

Heavenly Summertime

We bid farewell to spring with the lively colors of summer, which brings about trends that go beyond the limits of the ordinary to enhance the new ready-to-wear collections.

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Franck Muller Geneve, Vanguard™  Tourbillon Minute Repeater - Franck Muller

Franck Muller Geneve, Vanguard™ Tourbillon Minute Repeater

Franck Muller has always excelled in the innovation of haute horlogerie complications. The Vanguard™ Tourbillon Minute Repeater is an example of impressive watchmaking. This model boasts an openwork dial and incredibly complicated movements.

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Chopard L.U.C Full Strike - Chopard

Chopard L.U.C Full Strike

Chopard Manufacture spent more than six years working on the award-winning L.U.C Full Strike, the Swiss watch-maker’s first minute repeater. Creating the timepiece required a lot of expertise and dedication; the flawless as-sembly is clear in the purity of sound of each chime, announcing hours, quarters and minutes

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South Korea - Ashanti Rojano

South Korea

Unified from three ancient kingdoms, South Korea (한국) has an incredible cultural heritage that can still be widely appreciated in its temples and arts despite its constant economy growth, thriving in the digital era which has positioned it as a world leader in science and technology.

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Rakkojae - Andrés Ordorica


Unique in its field, Rakkojae is a 130 year old Korean “traditional house” reminiscent of an aristo-cratic Chosun Dynasty home. The structure surrounds the main courtyard, and one can feel in its design the quiet elegance of the nobility that used to walk through the hallways. The pavilion, the lotus pond, and the patio are just a few of the elements that make this hotel a thoroughly relaxing retreat.

Por Andrés Ordorica


Four Seasons Hotel Seoul - Andrés Ordorica

Four Seasons Hotel Seoul

Four Seasons is synonymous with luxury and excellence. In Seoul, this means staying at the hotel with the best location in the city: on the main plaza, only ten minutes away from Gyeong-bokgung Palace and the city’s most coveted attractions.

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The Shilla Seoul - Andrés Ordorica

The Shilla Seoul

It opened its doors in 1979 and ever since, its reputation has grown to such a degree that today it’s considered one of the top five hotels in Seoul. Shilla advertises a unique style as well, being one of the few renowned hotels in the city to feature authentic Korean architecture in its lobby, as well as in its rooms.

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Jungsick - Andrés Ordorica


Jungsick’s cuisine is, to describe it in the simplest terms, Korean nouvelle cuisine. Traditional ingredients and flavors are mixed with Chef Jungsik Yim’s modern techniques to create elegant, yet highly accessible dishes.

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Gaon - Andrés Ordorica


It’s no coincidence that gaon means “central.” One could very well say that Seoul’s top restaurants all seem to orbit around this star—one of only two dining places to have earned three Michelin stars.

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La Yeon - Andrés Ordorica

La Yeon

A top-shelf restaurant at the top of the Shilla Hotel. Located on the 23rd floor, La Yeon is the place where chef Sung Il Kim prepares his renowned Hansik dishes, a style that resembles Japanese Kaiseki cuisine, in which rice is the base of most dishes.

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Tankoa S501 Vertige - Cipriano de Guimarães

Tankoa S501 Vertige

Tankoa Yachts, the first shipyard of Italian origin to offer a multicultural approach to the development and construction of yachts, is proud to present the Tankoa S501 Vertige, the result of a collaboration between the yard, the owner, and the design team led by Francesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini.

Por Cipriano de Guimarães


Rossinavi Aurora - Rossinavi

Rossinavi Aurora

Italian shipyard Rossinavi presents Aurora, a 49m aluminum vessel conceived to represent the Owner’s love for sports, with an innovating design inspired by the concept of a vessel reminis-cent of a speedboat—lean, fast and muscular.

Por Rossinavi


Mangusta Oceano - Mangusta

Mangusta Oceano

The Mangusta Oceano 43, which debuted at the Monaco Yacht Show, is the brand’s second three-deck displacement yacht, built in the new 22000m2 facility at Pisa, Tuscany.

Por Mangusta


Vanquish vq43mk2 - Cipriano de Guimarães

Vanquish vq43mk2

One of the boldest and most versatile models of the Dutch firm Vanquish has been modernized and taken to the next level, giving it more power, maneuverability, comfort, and an ultra-sporty look. If the original VQ43 was considered a classic, this new vessel, designed by Guido de Groot, will no doubt become a favorite for those who are looking to immerse into their first oceanic adventure.

Por Cipriano de Guimarães


GFG Sibylla - Gfg Style

GFG Sibylla

“Sustainable mobility can only become a reality once sufficient clean energy is integrated into the energy system to charge millions of EVs, and for that to happen, the world’s transport and energy systems need to merge into one ecosystem. We joined forces with GFG Style to address this challenge.”

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Bugatti Chiron Sport - Bugatti

Bugatti Chiron Sport

“The Chiron Sport has become perceptibly more nimble, and its new agility, especially in tight corners, makes for a much more emotional experience for the driver on winding roads and handling circuits.”

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Bentley Bentayga Hybrid - Bentley

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid

“Following Bentley tradition, the Bentayga Hybrid pioneers a new automotive sector—the luxury Hybrid—and sets Bentley on the path towards a sustainable electrified future.”

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The utopia of natural beauty - Andrea Mejía

The utopia of natural beauty

Recently, the beauty industry has been revolutionized with the presence of products that per-haps a few years ago we would have imagined only in cartoons. Sheet masks with the heal-ing and rejuvenating properties of several creams and oils, creamy lip tints that subtly blend with the natural tone of your lips, barely making it look like you’re actually wearing makeup, and even quirky cushions shaped like pandas, apples, or other funny figures be-cause, let’s face it. 

Por Andrea Mejía


Dadohaehaesang National Park - Laura García

Dadohaehaesang National Park

Welcome to Dadohaehaesang, the largest natural park in South Korea. These islands and the sea that surrounds them, full of mythical stories, are characterized by their biodiversity. The park is widely recognized by the 1,541 plant species and 1,221 animal species that you can find in its 2321.5 km2.

Por Laura García


Experimental Art - Ashanti Rojano

Experimental Art

The South Korean contemporary art movement has experienced a rapid and constant growth, and has sparked overwhelming interest in the market from national and internation-al buyers.

Por Ashanti Rojano


Lee Ufan - Ashanti Rojano

Lee Ufan

“A line must have a beginning and an end. Space appears within the passage of time and when the process of creating space comes to an end, time also vanishes."

Por Ashanti Rojano


Park Seo-Bo - Ashanti Rojano

Park Seo-Bo

“Even though my paintings may represent an idea about culture, the main focus is based on na-ture. I want to reduce the idea and emotion in my work to express only that. I want to reduce and reduce to create pure emptiness.”

Por Ashanti Rojano


Lee Bul - Ashanti Rojano

Lee Bul

“We dream about the perfect perfection. We try to make a vision without the vulnerable.”

Por Ashanti Rojano


Jeongmoon Choi - Ashanti Rojano

Jeongmoon Choi

“The virtual space is not existing for me, my art is analog.”

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Do-Ho Suh - Ashanti Rojano

Do-Ho Suh

“To move through these delicately precise, weightless impressions is to experience a distinct emotional register, a sense of being in flux, crossing boundaries and moving between psycholog-ical states.”

Por Ashanti Rojano


Kwang Ho Shin - Ashanti Rojano

Kwang Ho Shin

“Why do people obsess about the eyes in my paintings? I was never asked about the presence of nose or lips. I think this suggests that the energy that eyes have in paintings can control the emotions of the works significantly."

Por Ashanti Rojano


Jee Young Lee - Ashanti Rojano

Jee Young Lee

“We all grow and become mature through various experiences and sufferings … notably joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure, which we Koreans consider the four basic emotions. ”

Por Ashanti Rojano


Ham Jin - Ashanti Rojano

Ham Jin

“Nothing is clear, like dust or mist ...but with a closer look, there are many shapes interlocking with different thoughts, like semi-abstraction.” 

Por Ashanti Rojano


Three Ancients Kingdoms - Maruchy Behmaras

Three Ancients Kingdoms

Three kingdoms were established progressively during the first millennium of our era, between 57 BCE and 668 CE, dominating the Korean Peninsula and some locations in Manchuria. 

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South Korea Tips & Tops - Amura

South Korea Tips & Tops

South Korea Tips & Tops

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K-Pop Taking Over the World - Michelle Prieto

K-Pop Taking Over the World

Korean pop, or K-Pop, is a musical phenomenon made up of solo artists such as Kim Hyun Joong and BoA; male groups like BTS, Super Junior and Exo, as well as female groups like F(x), Red Velvet and BlackPink.

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